Why meals?

Because food is the most wonderful gift.

Sure, we could have set ourselves up as a standard online gift shop, but we wanted to do something a little more practical.

No matter how much you love cooking, sometimes it’s the last thing you feel like doing.  This is even more true when you’re going through a time of hardship.  Illness, personal loss, financial struggles, family life issues, pregnancy, work pressures or moving house — there are so many reasons everyday routines get thrown out the window.

When we see someone going through times like these, we often feel helpless. But, imagine if in the midst of it all, a delicious meal turned up at their door. One less thing for them to worry about. A practical and thoughtful gift that lets them know that someone is thinking of them.

There really is nothing better than cooking a meal for someone and dropping it off to them. It’s an opportunity to show love and support, to give someone a hug and have a chat over a cuppa to check in and see how they’re going. The reality is, we can’t always do this. Perhaps we have too much on our plate, or we live too far away, or maybe cooking is just not our thing. This is where Plenty can help.

It’s super easy to share the love

Rather than catch your recipient off-guard and risk an ill-timed meal, you simply purchase a meal gift, leave a thoughtful note (if you like), and we do the rest. Once we have your loved one’s contact info, we personally get in touch to finalise their order and arrange the perfect drop-off time. Then, we prepare your delicious meal gift and deliver it to their door on your behalf.

We’re big into food

We’re passionate about real food. We reckon the flavours, colours, textures and aromas of good food really are a gift to humankind.

You can be confident that our unique meal gifts will hit the spot.  We don’t do anything by halves.  We’re all about meal gifts made fresh to order and packed full of nutritious seasonal produce and beautiful flavours.  And there won’t be anything for your meal gift recipient to add to, or prepare for, their meal.  Our meal gifts are the complete package – a freshly prepared main meal with sides and a baked dessert.  After all, happiness is a full belly.

Introducing Anushka

Anushka van der Veen, law graduate and mum of three, is the founder and Purpose Director of Plenty (profit-for-purpose speak for CEO).

Anushka is forever grateful to her wonderful Mum, who cooked the most interesting and delicious meals for her family when she was growing up.  Anushka’s love of all things food was nurtured at the family dinner table.

Fast-forward to 2023 and Anushka still loves food, especially sharing good food with others.

The idea for Plenty was born when Anushka was juggling a busy home-life and part-time work.  Struggling to get dinner onto her own family’s table, she was also trying to support two friends facing their own significant challenges by cooking them some meals and dropping them off to them.

“Imagine if you could send someone a beautiful home-style meal instead of a bunch of flowers.  And imagine if that same meal gifting service could have a positive impact in our local community…”.  And now here you are, browsing our website.

It’s been quite the journey since that lightbulb moment, and it often felt like one step forwards, two steps backwards.  But Anushka is very excited to see Plenty finally launched, and is so grateful to the many individuals along the way who helped to make this happen. 

Introducing Ros

Ros Mansfield, chef and owner of Perth catering firm Food by Ros, is the wonderful creative talent behind Plenty’s meal gifting service.  

Ros’ love for food was instilled at an early age, helping her Mum prepare food for her family.  Ros went on to hone her culinary skills at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute in London, worked for the prestigious Mustard Catering London, and opened ‘The Pantry’ in Waterloo, before moving to Perth, WA.

Ros went on to open the Pier St Café and now provides bespoke, personal catering in Perth’s inner suburbs (and beyond, upon request).  

Ros’ love for food has never faded, and nor has her love for helping others.  Ros has worked with many not-for-profit organisations in Perth and is thrilled to support Plenty in its new and exciting meal gifting venture.

Plenty provides a food experience that goes beyond the plate — 100% of profits provide food to those in need.

As Australia’s first not-for-profit gifting service, we’re transforming the art of gift giving.  Every meal gift sent with Plenty has a positive impact in our community.

Ready, set, grow!

We’re currently operating our meal gifting service in the Perth metro area but it’s our BHAG (“Big Hairy Audacious Goal”) to expand our service (and our impact!) Australia-wide. We’re really excited to see where this goes and hope you’ll join our ever-expanding Plenty community. 

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