Plenty launches new meal gifting service with a difference in Perth

Struggling to think of a gift to send someone? There’s a new gift delivery service in Perth that ticks all of the boxes. Plenty offers an innovative meal-gifting service, delivering fresh and delicious meals as a practical and thoughtful alternative to traditional gift delivery options.

“There’s nothing more practical and thoughtful than cooking a meal and dropping it off to someone when they need a helping hand. I know that when I came home from hospital with my newborn baby, there was nothing better than when a friend dropped off a meal. I was so grateful. Just knowing dinner was taken care of for my family made all the difference,” shares Plenty founder & CEO, Anushka van der Veen.

“The problem is, we’re often so busy juggling work and family commitments, or we live too far away to be able to cook a meal and drop it off.  Plenty solves this problem.”

Plenty have collaborated with Ros Mansfield of catering firm Food by Ros to produce a delicious meal gift menu.

Meal gifts are delivered fresh and ready to reheat and enjoy — just as if you had cooked the meal and dropped it off yourself.

“And the best thing about Plenty is our profit-for-purpose model. 100% of the profits from every meal gift purchase are directed to local food relief programs.  We’re partnering with Feed the Little Children Inc in Broome and HavenWell in Victoria Park to provide critical funding for their community-based food relief services.  We’re excited to see what can happen in our community when we flip the commercial model and instead of generating profits for shareholders and building private wealth, we generate funds to feed our local community.”

You can check out Plenty’s meal gift menu and place an order on their website today at

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