Plenty partners with Feed the Little Children Inc.

Plenty, Australia’s first profit-for-purpose meal gifting service, are pleased to announce their Community Program Partnership with Feed the Little Children Inc, based in Broome WA.

Feed the Little Children Inc. have been delivering meals to children living below the poverty line in Broome for over 10 years.  FTLC have delivered more than 32,000 meals to kids and also run cooking classes to educate children about healthy eating and nutrition.

FTLC’s food relief program provides more than just full bellies. Data provided by the Health Department has shown that the FTLC Emergency Food Respite program is having a measurable impact on children’s health.  The community have seen a significant reduction in hospitalisations for middle ear and mastoid infections — conditions related to symptoms of malnutrition among Indigenous children in Broome.

As a result of food shortage and prolonged hunger, many young people turn to crime to provide food for themselves and their families.  This is almost always a last resort.  However, data provided by the WA Police Department has shown a 47% reduction in food theft and burglary on the nights on which FTLC deliver their meals around town.    

Plenty are excited to be partnering with FTLC to fund their Emergency Food Respite program — a food relief program with measurable community impact.  “Plenty is a new social enterprise with a completely novel funding model — a commercial meal gifting service!” says Plenty founder & Purpose Director, Anushka van der Veen.  “We’re grateful that FTLC have given us the opportunity to partner with them and hope that this partnership can be of real benefit to the Broome community and the surrounding region.”

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